Schooool Stuff

Made up story about a little boy and a picture of that boy :/

There was a boy named Gannon, he was about 3 year old. He didn’t listen, and he did what he wanted to do even if his parents told him no. One day his mom put him in timeout, and he was in his room. The bathroom was right across the hall, and his mom was the kind of person that couldn’t leave the house without her hair and make-up done. His mom had a very important meeting and coudln’t be late. Gannon snook into the bathroom and got all her hair and make-up supplies.  He brought them into his room and hid them underneath his bed. His mom came upstairs and into the bathroom. She got into the shower, and when she got out, she screamed! She was looking everywhere for her hair sprays, moose, and products she needs. She also noticed her make-up was gone too! She searched everywhere in the house, except Gannon’s room. Gannon heard her mom slam the door, gannon watched her run to her car to try and find extra make-up. She didn’t find any, so she left to her meeting, and came back home. She had a very sad look on her face, and Gannon snook all her make-up and hair prducts into the bathroom before she came upstairs for her daily afternoon shower. She walked into the bathroom, and gannon heard a loud THUMP! He looked outside his door and his mom had fainted.

Thats how I think he got the look on his face.


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