Kathryn Skadoske and Oliver Sykes go on tour

One day Kathryn was sitting at home in her room practicing her new song. She took a quick break. She was in her kitchen when she noticed a message popped up in her email. It was from Oliver Sykes. The message was about him going on tour and how he wanted another famous music artist attend with him. And it left a number at the bottom for her to call if she wanted to attend. She dialed the number, a familiar voice answered. “Hello?” He says. She talked to him about going on tour, and how long it would last, where there would go, and just certain information about it. A couple weeks went by and two more days till they leave around the world. Kathryn started packing all of her stuff. She was so excited about the tour it was incredibly hard for her to go to bed. The next morning she got a call from Oliver. He asked ” Hey, so are you ready to go around the world tomorrow? ” she says ” Uh yeah, im really nervous though, Its my first time going on tour” he says ” Oh don’t worry  you’ll be fineee …Well see you tomorrow morning Bye” he hangs up. Kathryn sits there watches tv, goes shopping, does everything she possibly can to keep her entertained and not think a whole lot about tomorrow. The next day comes she wakes up 6:00 Sharp. She gets up, takes a shower, gets the rest of her things together, eats something, drinks coffee, and leaves to meet Oli at the airport. They leave at 8:30 and get to their tour bus about 11:00. They get to their first concert in Portland, Oregon. Over 20,000 people were there. About 1 or 2 people got injuries, but thats pretty normal for a concert. There 20th concert they have had, was in California, LA. About 40 people got injuries and there were about 20,000 people were there. That was a huge problem. They were thinking of ideas to stop most of the injuries but nothing came to mind…


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